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Can You Rent with Pets?


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Will Southall

Will Southall

2 years ago - 2 minute read

Animals are some of human's biggest companions. They make us laugh, smile and cry – sometimes all at once!

With long-term renters rising in numbers, starting a fluffy family in a property that permits pets is a goal for many.

If you’re wondering whether you can rent with a pet, here’s everything we know about the subject, plus our tips on how to ask your landlord to keep your furry (or not so furry!) friends.

Can I Rent With Pets?

In short, yes, you can rent with pets in the UK! You can either find a property that already welcomes pets or you can ask your landlord to keep one.

However, the downside is that many landlords don’t allow animals. Some are concerned about badly behaved pets causing damage to their property. So, the reality for pet owners is that “No” is heard a lot more than, “Yes”.

The silver lining for renters’ lies in the ‘Model Tenancy Agreement’, which is a government recommendation for what a shorthold tenancy agreement should look like. It contains two things that are great for renters, including that landlords:

  • Shouldn’t have blanket ‘no pets allowed’ policies
  • Should consider pet requests seriously and only decline for good reason

Even though landlords don’t legally have to follow the recommendations word-for-word, it’s great news for renters and gives you the power to at least ask!

Is It Hard to Rent With Pets?

Moving rental is difficult – period. There’s the location, tenancy agreement, and affording the monthly costs to consider. Plus, you have to save up for the new deposit!

Even with the Model Tenancy Agreement, renting with pets can still be difficult and is another thing that makes moving hard to do. According to Zoopla, a mere 7% of UK landlords advertise pet-friendly homes.

This means renters moving property have to make a pet request to every potential landlord, with no guarantee that they’ll say yes! It’s easy to see why this can make finding a rental with a pet very difficult.

What Happens If You Don’t Tell Your Landlord About a Pet?

If your landlord says no to pets, take it as a no. Getting a pet without telling your landlord can put you in breach of your lease. Depending on your tenancy agreement, you could be mailed a hefty fine or even an eviction notice if they find out.

While the fine may seem worth it for finally having a furry companion, some landlords charge daily until the pet leaves – which can easily add up! It’s best to just follow the rules and only get a pet if you have permission.

How to Ask Your Landlord For a Pet

Asking your landlord for a pet, like a dog or a cat, needs to be done right. Here are three tips on how to ask your landlord for a pet.

Include Documentation

Include every piece of documentation your pet has (or will have) in your request. Things like vaccination records, recent de-flea treatments and even training certificates can help make your case.

Include Pictures (But Only Good Ones!)

There’s nothing like puppy dog eyes to melt someone’s heart! Sending your landlord pictures of your pet can’t hurt. Just make sure you don’t include photos of them chewing stuff or doing something naughty. An angelic picture of your pet sleeping or sitting nicely will do.

Suggest a Meet & Greet

Suggest a ‘meet and greet’ in your request so you can win over your landlord face-to-face. Assuming your pet is well behaved, they’ll be able to see that for themselves!

How Can Fronted Help?

Moving rental can be tricky. There’s the location, the pet-friendly policies and the deposit to consider. Luckily, Fronted can help with one of those things! Our lifetime deposit scheme can help make moving more affordable for renters.

Learn more about our lifetime deposits or join our waitlist to be one of the first to use our deposits when they launch.

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Will Southall

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Will Southall

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