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How does rental furniture for tenants work?

Jamie Campbell

Jamie Campbell

3 years ago - 2 minute read

It can be one of the tough choices, you want a proper bedside table or non-plastic outdoor furniture. The thing that can make furniture inaccessible is the hassle if you have to move in 12 months or not having the savings available to spend on higher cost furniture.

With major retailers now testing furniture rental services, we breakdown exactly how it works and if it is worth it for renters.

Who is offering this service and why?

John Lewis thinks they have a better answer for renters. Like with bikes or cars, a share system could mean people who want to furnish their homes but are hesitant to buy outright can have more options.

In conjunction with rental service Fat Llama, John Lewis is testing the rental service called ‘Flex’ in London, then hoping to roll it out across the UK.

How long can I rent for?

For 3, 6 or 12 months.

What is the total cost?

There will be two costs in your rental:

  1. Monthly furniture rental, this cost will vary on the length of your plan and the item. The cheapest monthly rental is £18 for an office chair but can go all the way up to £305 for a leather couch.
  2. Delivery cost of £9.95 with delivery estimated between 5 - 8 working days.

While there is no return delivery costs, you can incur charges for late return, damages or late payments.

Will it be more costly than just buying the furniture outright?

In most cases, rent costs count towards ownership. Meaning if you end up paying the same amount, you keep the piece.

What if I damage the furniture?

Normal wear and tear like “small dents” that do not impact the functionality of the item are fine.

Like when you rent a property, you’ll need to document how the piece was pre your rental, and when the item is returned. If the item is “damaged beyond repair, you will be charged the replacement value.”

Meaning if you’re planning on having any wild parties or have a history with breaking furniture, this may not be for you.

Is it more sustainable?

Yes - it is more sustainable than buying new furniture outright as there are less manufacturing and shipping impacts.

For those concerned about sustainable choices, the most eco-friendly option would be sourcing furniture from your local second hand shop where this would further reduce transport costs.

Who should use it?

These monthly rental options can be great for people who want quality furniture but don’t want to commit to having bulky items.

You’ll need to remember to take it into account:

  • What you can afford in your monthly budget
  • That late payments could impact your credit score.
  • The risk of paying for the furniture outright if you significantly damage it.

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Jamie Campbell

Jamie Campbell

3 years ago - 2 minute read

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