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Help! My kettle and other electronics suddenly won’t work.

Jamie Campbell

Jamie Campbell

3 years ago - 2 minute read

It may be that you are cohabiting with roommates or family and you’ve all decided to use the kitchen at once. If you find your kettle or other electronics aren’t working, don’t throw it away yet! It may be a fuse problem. I spoke to an electrical engineer to create this step by step process on replacing fuses in plugs.

Note: Your agency or landlord is still responsible for repairs during COVID-19, though there may be some delays as a result of lockdown. This is simply a guide but if you are having any electrical problems, contact your rental agency or landlord as soon as possible to get a professional over. It’s worth taking as many photos and videos as you can to show that any damage caused was beyond your control.

Why do fuses break?

A blown fuse in common electrical items may be the result of overloading the circuit. This could be that you put on a blender, had an iPhone charging and also someone else was making coffee. The fuse in your plugs will break as a safety measure to cut off overheating which can cause fires.

Especially with everyone working from home, and the increase in electrical use per household, more fuses might blow if everyone is trying to use everything at once.

How can you fix a blown plug fuse?

This is an easy fix. You’ll need the plug and a flat tool like a screwdriver or a sim card remover.

  1. Make sure everything is disconnected from the socket and not linked at all to any electricity.
  2. Grab the plug and use the tool to open the compartment in the centre of the prongs.
Demonstration of the compartment in the plug being opened
I can do it so it must be easy

3. You’ll then see the fuse.

4. Repeat the same motion to take out the fuse.

5. Written on the fuse will be it’s amp number. The most common amp number for electrical items in the UK is 13A but there may be another number on your fuse.

6. You’ll want to buy the same amp number fuse. They should be available in most grocery stores.

7. Put the fuse in the plug, making sure that the ends are connecting to metal sides inside the compartment. Once that is clicked in, replace the lid.

That’s it! It should be all good to plug in and check that the electrical item is working again.

What if this doesn’t work?

If replacing the fuse doesn’t work it might be that there is a problem with the electrical item itself. Here’s a guide on electrical mishaps.

If the fuse works then blows again there may be a problem with your electrical circuit and you should organise to get a professional electrician over immediately.

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Jamie Campbell

Jamie Campbell

3 years ago - 2 minute read

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